Roslynn wrote on 4/14/2018:

Dec 2017 6-12x18 premiums. Shelters are great! Thank you for getting them done so soon!

  Ellie wrote on 4/14/2018:

Oct. 2017 10x16 enclosed retreat. My goat shed looks very nice, Thank you

  Jamie L. wrote on 4/6/2018:

4-22-17, 2-10x12. Both shelters came today , they look great thank you.

  Jill H. wrote on 4/6/2018:

7-12-17 Everything went fine with the delivery and the shelter is great" Thanks Jill

  Kristen S. wrote on 4/6/2018:

2-10x18, enclosed premiums with dutch doors. We LOVE the shelters !!

  Diane C. wrote on 4/6/2018:

6-13-17, 12x18 retreat, The shelter is Perfect... Thank you Diane

  Beth & Sam wrote on 4/6/2018:

10-25-17, 12x24 8'tack room and open run in.The shelter was completed and everything went smooth, it looks great.
Thank you

  Cassie D. wrote on 4/6/2018:

10-10-17, 12x30 retreat enclosed with 2 stalls and a tack room. The shelter has arrived and it looks amazing. I am so pleased with the finished product, thanks Cassie

  Michelle H. wrote on 4/6/2018:

2 10x12 premiums. Shelters were delivered yesterday and look great, Thank you Michelle

  Eileen & Fred wrote on 4/6/2018:

1-24-18 10x24 Retreat. We are very pleased with our new shelter. Kenny was helpful in the unloading and getting it in position. It looks great! Thank you
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